About Us

About Us

Marvel Five Investments Ltd has been in existence for more than 20 years.

We heard and felt the agonising cry of Kenyan school girls missing 1 month or more of school every year because they coundn't be able to afford sanitary towels to use during their menstrual periods. This drove us to source for high quality, affordable sanitary towels (sanitary pads).

When we got the sanitary pads, we learnt that a vast number of Kenyan girls did not even know how to use them. Therefore, the company started a program to visit and teach the Kenyan girl child in upper primary schools located in rural areas about reproductive health and how to use sanitary pads. We concentrated on these areas because we found that rural areas were the most neglected and ignored areas. With time, we realized there was a growing need to provide high quality, affordable baby diapers. In response to this, we introduced Marvel Baby Diapers and more recently, Marvel Baby Wipes.

Eventually, we discovered another heart rending need. Our hearts went out to the people we found suffering silently with the inability to control their bowel movements - be it due to being handicapped, ill or getting along in age. In response to this, we introduced excellent quality, economically friendly Comfrey Adult Diapers, Pants and Hygienic Bed Pads in order to help enhance the quality of life for those affected and as well as those who take care of them. They are the Kenya's favourite and the number one adult diaper brand. From just one sanitary health product in 2004, we now supply several sanitary health care products including: Marvel Girl Sanitary Pads, Marvel Girl Panty Liners, Marvel Lady Sanitary Pads, Sunny Girl Sanitary Pads, Marvel Baby Diapers (high count and low count), Marvel Baby Wipes, Comfrey Adult Diapers, Comfrey Adult Pants /Pull-Ups and Comfrey Hygienic Bed Pads.

All our products are made to and tested against high quality standards. They are all approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS). Our products are available in various supermarkets and shops around the country eg: Tuskys, Naivas, Mathai, Eastmatt, Cleanshelf, Khetia, Shilving, Tumaini, Transmatt, Stagematt, Saltes, Mulleys, Society Stores and Uchumi Supermarkets.


To help improve people's quality of life through hygienic, high quality and pocket friendly sanitary health care products, while enlightening the society on the benefits of using sanitary health products.


To provide hygienic, high quality, pocket friendly sanitary health care products to people from all walks of life in the world.