Comfrey Adult Diapers

Comfrey Adult diapers

Comfrey Adult diapers are designed for people of all ages who find it difficult to control their bowel movements and hence have difficulties in controlling passing urine or having a long call - be it due to sicknesses, accidents, disabilities, age catching up with us or some other reason.

Comfrey Adult diapers are adult incontinence products.

Adult diapers come in 3 different sizes based on the waist/ hip size of the person:

(1) Medium: Hip size = 30 inches to 45 inches (ie. 76 cm to 114 cm).
(2) Large: Hip size = 40 inches to 55 inches (ie. 101 cm to 139 cm).
(3) X-Large: Hip size = 50 inches to 65 inches (ie. 127 cm to 165 cm).

Comfrey Adult Diapers:

  • Are unisex.
  • Are highly super absorbent (they are made from incredibly absorbent polymer layers).
  • Have quick absorption and penetration of urine.
  • Are leak-proof (they are fitted with leak guard on the sides of the adult diaper).
  • Prevent back flow.
  • Are very hygienic.
  • Give a comfortable and snug fit.
  • Have fastening tapes used to secure the diaper to the individual that can be re-fastened over and over without losing their stickiness.
  • Are specially designed to be very well ventilated and hence dry and comfortable for the person using them.
  • Are easy to use.
  • Make the lives of those suffering from poor bowel movement control (adult incontinence) as well as those taking care of them more bearable.
  • Are tested and approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).