Marvel Lady Sanitary Towels

Marvel Lady Sanitary Towels are Premium, Super Absorbent Sanitary Pads.

They are longer in size and contain more super absorbent polymers than regular sanitary pads. They:

  • Are especially good for heavy monthly periods.
  • Are made using incredibly super absorbent polymers.
  • Absorb heavy flows quickly and evenly due to their unique curved flower design.
  • Have an amazingly soft and highly micro-perforated top sheet to provide maximum comfort and the quickest absorption.
  • Are specially designed to prevent back leakage and have side wings that prevent side leakage.
  • Are very hygienic.
  • Have ultra wide wings that help keep them firmly attached thus maintaining shape and keeping them in place even after they absorb heavy flow.
  • Are for day and night use. They provide the maximum day and night security from leakage.
  • Keep your skin dry and comfortable.
  • Guarantee safety, comfort and freedom.
  • Are tested and approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).
  • 1 Packet = 8 Sanitary Pads.