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Comfrey Adult Diapers are Kenyan Unisex, Gentle, High Quality, Super Absorbent Adult Diapers. Marvel Five specially designed them for people of all ages who find it difficult to control their bowel movements (people experiencing incontinence).

Incontinence can can be caused by sicknesses, accidents, disabilities, age catching up with us or some other reason. Incontinence causes people to have difficulties in controlling the passing of urine or having a long call.

Our Comfrey Adult Diapers improve the quality of life for people suffering from incontinence. Comfrey diapers also greatly reduce the stress of caring for loved ones suffering from incontinence. This leads to improved relations between adult care receivers and adult care givers. Comfrey Diapers provide a welcome relief in adult care.


Comfrey Adult Pants are a variation of Comfrey Adult Diapers. They are designed and made to look like normal underwear but have the functionality of adult diapers.

Please also have a look at our Comfrey Bed Pads. They are bed spreads/ bed protectors/ underpads that protect mattresses from involuntary bed wetting or soiling.

For babies, Marvel Five also has Marvel Baby Diapers and Marvel Baby Wipes. They are great baby care products. Please consider checking them out.

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Our Comfrey Adult Diapers are Kenyan adult care incontinence products available to Buy Online in Kenya. You can also find them in Kenyan supermarkets and other shops near you.


You can get Comfrey Adult Diapers in 3 different sizes based on the waist/ hip size of the person wearing them:

 (1) Medium Adult Diaper:  Hip size = 30 inches to 45 inches

(ie. 76 cm to 114 cm).

(2) Large Adult Diaper:  Hip size = 40 inches to 55 inches

(ie. 101 cm to 139 cm).

(3) X-Large Adult Diaper:  Hip size = 50 inches to 65 inches

(ie. 127 cm to 165 cm).


Comfrey Adult Diapers earned the commendation of Kenya’s Leading Media for Taking The Hassle and Stress Out of Adult Care.


Comfrey Adult Diapers Are:

  • Unisex and can therefore be worn by men as well as women.
  • Highly super absorbent diapers because they are made from incredibly absorbent polymer layers).
  • Designed to have quick absorption and penetration of urine.
  • Leak-proof because they are fitted with leak guards on the sides of the diaper).
  • Made to Lock in fluids and Prevent back flow.
  • Very hygienic diapers.
  • Specially designed to ensure a comfortable and snug fit.
  • Made with fastening tapes used to secure the adult diaper to the individual. These fastening tapes can be re-fastened over and over without losing their stickiness.
  • Very well ventilated and therefore dry and comfortable for the person using them.
  • Extremely Easy to Use.
  • Made to Reduce the Stress on incontinent adult care receivers and givers.
  • Easily available for sale online and in supermarkets and shops in Kenya.
  • Quickly and conveniently available to Buy Online.
  • Conveniently and quickly delivered to you (a delivery charge may apply).
  • Tested and approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).


Use Comfrey Adult Diapers to help take the Stress Out Of Adult Care!

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