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Marvel Girl Super Absorbent Sanitary Towels are Premium, Super Absorbent Kenyan Sanitary Pads.

They are longer in size than regular sanitary towels and contain more super absorbent polymers than regular sanitary pads. This enables them to handle high flows during menses / menstruation.

  • 1 Packet = 8 Sanitary Towels.


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Our Marvelous sanitary care products are available to Buy Online in Kenya. They are also available in Kenyan supermarkets and other shops near you.


They are:

  • Specifically manufactured for Heavy monthly menstrual periods.
  • Made using incredibly super absorbent polymers.
  • Designed to Absorb Heavy menstrual period flows quickly and evenly due to their unique curved flower sanitary pad design.
  • Amazingly soft and have a highly micro-perforated sanitary pad top sheet to provide maximum comfort
  • Impressively quick at absorbing of menstrual period fluids.
  • Kenyan sanitary towels that are specially designed to prevent back leakage of menstrual period fluids.
  • Manufactured with side wings that prevent side leakage menstrual period flows.
  • Very hygienic sanitary napkins.
  • Have ultra wide wings that help keep them firmly attached to the pant/ underwear thus maintaining the sanitary towel shape. This keeps them firmly held in place, even after they’ve absorbed heavy menstrual flows.
  • For day and night use (very important since menstruation can occur at any time).
  • Provide the maximum day and night security from leakage of menstrual fluids.
  • Keep your skin dry and comfortable even during menstruation.
  • Guarantee safety, comfort and freedom even during menstruation.
  • Can be bought in shops and supermarkets around the country.
  • You can easily, quickly and conveniently Buy Online.
  • Delivered quickly and conveniently to you (a delivery charge may apply).
  • Tested and approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).


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