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Girl Talk About The Girl Child, Sanitary Pads, Tampons & Menstrual Periods


It is estimated that the average Kenyan school girl loses more than a full month of classes in a school year. This is the average time taken off school to deal with Kenyan school girls’ menstrual period/menses at home because they can’t be able to afford sanitary pads/ sanitary towels. It disrupts the studies of the Kenyan girl child and unfairly causes them to lag behind boys in class.

In an effort to manage their menstrual periods, Kenyan school girls are sometimes forced to use drastic and unhygienic methods. These include the use of: old clothes, blankets, tissue paper, cotton wool and mattresses. Sexual predators also prey on them, promising money with which to buy sanitary pads in exchange for sex. This leads to sexually transmitted diseases, teenage pregnancies, abortions and other vices.

Marvel Five noted that giving sanitary pads is not enough. Educating the Kenyan girl child on how to use and dispose sanitary pads is also crucial. For example, some girls fold them and insert them like tampons. Educating Kenyan girls also helps reduce the stigma and shame associated with the menstrual cycle.

Marvel Five discovered that the Kenyan girl child in very rural areas is the most neglected and affected. Consequently, every year, we go to rural areas to teach young Kenyan school girls about menstruation, menstrual health and hygiene. We help dispel misconceptions and provide a good understanding of what menstrual health, hygiene and sanitary towels are all about.

In response to the heartfelt cry of the Kenyan girl child, we searched for hygienic, high quality sanitary pads at pocket friendly prices. We obtained them and now supply sanitary towels around Kenya.

For ordinary menstrual flows, our amazing sanitary pads are available. Kindly check out our Marvel Girl Sanitary Pads, Sunny Girl Sanitary Pads and Sunny Girl Long Sanitary Towels.

For HEAVY menstrual flows, please check out our Marvel Girl Super Absorbent Sanitary Towels.

Our sanitary care products above:

  • Can be used during the day as well as night.
  • Have a top cover made using a very soft and gentle cotton.
  • Provide a protection that you barely feel, leaving you fresh, dry and comfortable.
  • Are tested and approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).
  • Can be bought in shops and supermarkets around the country.
  • You can buy them easily, quickly and conveniently Online.
  • Are delivered quickly and conveniently to you (a delivery charge may apply).

Marvel Five Investments Ltd welcomes you to “Use our Products and Marvel!”

Please feel free to visit and engage with us on our social media pages by clicking on the following links: Facebook and Instagram.


It is important for the girl child to observe high hygiene by washing her hands before using tampon or sanitary towels. This reduces the risk of infection from germs that may be picked up while doing daily tasks.

Sanitary Towels are placed and used outside the body while Tampons are inserted inside the vagina.

Due to the differences in where they are placed, Tampons require more care and should be changed frequently in order to avoid a rare but very fatal illness called Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

Toxic Shock Syndrome occurs if the tampon is kept in the vagina for a long time. The long duration that the tampon is kept in for causes bacteria to multiply within the vagina leading to a vaginal infection. This then invades the blood stream, releasing toxins that can cause a very severe and occasionally life threatening illness (TSS).

Symptoms of TSS include high fever, vomiting or diarrhea, severe muscle aches, a feeling of extreme weakness or dizziness and a rash that looks like sunburn. To avoid this, it is crucial for the girl child to change tampons very often.

Since Sanitary Towels are not inserted inside the vagina, they are highly unlikely to cause Toxic Shock Syndrome. However, they should also be changed when they feel ‘full’.

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