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Marvelous Baby Diapers For Your Precious Angel


Marvel Baby Diapers come in four baby care diaper size ranges that fit babies of different sizes and weights:

(1) Small Size:8 baby diapers/packetUp to 6 kg
(2) Medium Size:8 baby diapers/packet6.1-9 kg
(3) Large Size:8 baby diapers/packet9.1-15 kg
(4) X/Large Size:8 baby diapers/packetAbove 15 kg


Marvel Baby Diapers Are:

  • Made uniquely using antibacterial super absorbent layers.
  • Manufactured using special soft, breathable polymer layers to allow circulation of fresh air.
  • Designed to provide quick absorption and penetration of urine.
  • Specially made to prevent back flow of urine.
  • Have side leakage guards that prevent any leakage.
  • Very hygienic.
  • Manufactured to provide a close fit to your baby’s waist due to having an elastic waist band.
  • Fastenable and re-fastenable over and over, around your baby’s waist without the fastening tapes losing their stickiness.
  • Keep your baby dry and comfortable.
  • Easily, quickly and conveniently available to buy Online.
  • Quickly and conveniently delivered to you (a delivery charge may apply).
  • Tested and approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).


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